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Digimon: Yamachi - Always close by Shigerugal
Digimon: Yamachi - Always close
Call them bros, besties or lovers. These two will always be together. :heart:  

Unless Tri screws that all up. I reaaallly hope not. Gimme the gay with a hint of straightness (wait...)

Anyways just a doodle I found in my travels threw my art folder and just colored a little while ago. :XD:
Digimon: Yamachi - Finally hitched by Shigerugal
Digimon: Yamachi - Finally hitched
I got the idea some days back and uploaded this as my cover photo on Facebook. I feel out of all the pairings I love/ship, these two would fit for equality. It's about damn time and these boys have been waiting far too long to say "I do" and then probably roll about in some snow for old times sake. <3

I've been busy lately but i might get a wild hair and upload some more pictures soon. I also am uploading this from my phone so hopefully it comes out right.
Basara: Grown up Tiger by Shigerugal
Basara: Grown up Tiger
Possibly one of my fastest doodles yet. I did it some days ago but just finished it last night. I wanted to draw something for JudgeEnd!Yukimura and Masamune got in because I wanted him there. Not my best Yukimura (still learning) but I'm pleased how they both came out.

Sanadate FTW <3
Basara: He likes the headband... by Shigerugal
Basara: He likes the headband...
Just a doodle I did last night. It turned out pretty good so I just slapped some colors on it. 

I need to update more often I know. Just been busy with work and everything. 
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Man its been forever! Where to begin? I don't have net at home so I've been stopping at Starbucks every few days. Lost my job at Disney (lets not even go there. I've had issues with them since I got the job). Gave myself a goal to get another job here soon or I'm moving in with some friends (it wouldn't be a bad thing but being so far from the city life... I'm not all too thrill with that. I like living in the city. Closer to...stuff. XD )

Slowing being drawing more since I'm offline now. That doesn't stop me from grabbing Sengoku Basara Judge End, Love Stage, Free! or Dramatical Murder though! Here is my two-cents on them:

Sengoku Basara Judge End: I want to love you and have my babies. I really do. But you are not the Basara I know. I've played the games, watched the plays, liveaction and anime. I'm just not feeling it. That doesn't stop me from watching. I greatly enjoy the moments Masamune has dreams of his seme Yukimura and then another seme Mitsunari appears yay! Buttrape! Yukimura is just amazing though. I love the mature look he's got going on.

Yukimura can totally burn over me if Masamune doesn't want him

Love Stage: I doubted you. I didn't want to like you but then you HAD to be funny and goofy and all things otaku-ness that I couldn't deny you anymore (like that puppy in the rain I let it in my home.) I'm actually enjoying the series. Its just the right amount of silliness and BL that I can actually enjoy it (I have a thing against blondes-on-bottom ) so I'm definitely going to keep watching.

Free!! Season2: Sousuke. I get it you was buddies with Rin before Haru the group but can you chill on the over-seme-protective-mode? I'm sure an OT3 will come out of this but I like to think of Rin as a seme for a little bit longer thankyou. (Maybe Sousuke and Makoto can comfort each other....would that be near twin-fetish though? They look almost the same... *does care. here for the RinHaru* )

Dramatical Murder: Where do I start with you? I watched the first ep just to pass the time. I had no clue what you was about but then I found myself adoring Aoba Ren! so I went out on a day I had no net, grabbed the game to see just what the rage was about. It blew my mind! My body wasn't ready!  I didn't think a novel game could be so...hardcore and detail (I've played Togainu no Chi and a few others so this wasn't my first rodeo) I love how Ren calls Aoba's name. I don't know why. I just do. I didn't know what to think of the pairing though. It was..cute? sad? I don't know. I got distracted by Mink. I'm probably one of the few that actually like that pairing. Just something about their relationship just fits to me. When I played ReConnect I found it refreshing that Aoba was the one looking and not being swept away. I know the two had one hell of a rocky start but...the beautiful. (and lololol bad ending with Sly. Stop being such a slut bastard. XDD ) Also Noiz. Stop tempting me. Seriously. (I still think NoizxKoujaku should happen. )

So that's my small piece. I need to finish some other things (yes I will be updating! I got some pictures ready...somewhere...)

And just because the net is blowing up about it: I'm not too thrill with the sequel for Digimon Adventure (I'm special what can I say?) I feel the timing is all off. Its been a dream of many to have a sequel to Adventure but I don't think its going to be what everyone wants. Will it keep the 02 ending? Will Tai have his crazyhair? Will Matt and Tai Sora still have their moments? I feel its just a way to cash in on people's nostalgic. I want it to be good. I want it to be the best thing that ever step out of anime but I'm worried it won't. I remember the director(? I think) saying Adventure/02 is over. End of the story. I WANT MORE like everyone else that grew up with them but I also agree with him. The series was done. I'm not sure if this is a good idea. I will be watching it but I can't feel too excited. I feel it won't be the same (and lets not even talk about a dub. Who's going to voice Tai now that Joshua Seth is out of VA? I can't see anyone else play him for a series. Jason Spisak was okay in the 4th movie but as a series? I don't know )

But hey! If they admit that Matt, Sora and Tai are in a OT3 I'm gamed! (Or just...Matt and Tai together. I'm _totally_ down with that)


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Just a fangirl that refuses to give up on (FAIL) drawing. XD I love yaoi(duh) but I'm finding myself fond of a few het pairings(but only a few >3> ). I love Vocaloids and all type of Japanese music(best way to wake up in the morning or afternoon. ) Male Nendoroids are my weakness and I collect all of them that I can(and maybe a figure or two *eyes Light Yagami figutto*). Anime is my lifestream. If it isn't anime I'm not watching it. XD I love Gundam games (bonus if they have Duo and Heero *waggles brow* ) and anything Sengoku Basara is a must in life! Devil May Cry games or anything Dante-ish will lure me like a moth to a flame(far too easy!) Digimon is my artstyle(I can't escape it! XD;; ) and I think that is it. xP

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